About us

CEO Club Ukraine is a private intellectual club that during the last 10 years has been uniting business leaders for development, communication, and cooperation.

CEO Club Ukraine is:

a community
with high reputation standards and common values
conducive environment
for cooperation between individuals and organizations, at both local and global levels
100+ events
per year with TOP Ukrainian and international business leaders
the entry-point
to Ukrainian market for foreign investors
a meeting space
A meeting spacefor top business leaders, experts, government representatives


CEO Club Ukraine unites business leaders who already have sufficient capital and social weight, and are aware of their responsibility and the influence on the reality around them. These people strive to grow in all aspects of their lives, and are thirsty for knowledge and new experiences.
The purpose of the club is to promote the personal growth of such business leaders, and support their transformation into an influential, socially responsible force.
The mission of the club is to bring business leaders together for their personal growth and the positive effect on the world
CEO Club Ukraine has identified development guidelines which pave the way for community members, and often become their lifestyle


The members of the club are 200+ CEOs and entrepreneurs with a positive business reputation.

Among the club members there are executives from CISCO, EY, Baker&Mckenzie, DB Schenker, Origin Holdings Ukraine, Ajax Systems, MacPaw, Hörmann UA, Electrolux, Readdle, Vodafone Ukraine, Innovecs, Brown Forman Ukraine, Galileo Technologies, Intellias.

Club life

The club is a place where members improve their management skills, participate in intellectual programs, discuss socio-economic issues and spend quality time together.

We often invite international delegations and organizations, potential investors, experts and everyone who is interested in establishing cooperation with Ukraine to meet and collaborate.

Development, communication and collaboration of club members take place through such formats:

Building trust and community

— Peer-to-Peer groups, therapeutic trust groups;

— Family meetings about personal growth, health, relationships, parenting and other;

— Sport competitions and trainings: yachting, golf, tennis, football; picnics, trips, balls, wine tastings;

— Joint charitable, educational and social projects;

The development of business and management skills

— Consultations, investment club, economic overview;

— Educational events with experts, case studies; meetings with foreign delegations, ambassadors and government officials;

— Meetings for acquaintances and sharing experience, hard and soft skills training; chats of support and questions solution;

Intellectual growth and leisure

— Philosophical groups and colloquia; public debates, closed discussions, seminars and workshops;

— Geopolitical club;

— Cycles of meeting on history, art, religion, political science; chess, opera, theatre, gallery, cinema visiting;

— Cultural lectures and programs;

Among CEO Club guests

Anders Aslund
Swedish economist, Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council
Garry Jacobs
CEO, World Academy of Art & Science
Michael Wader
President Lean Plus
Francis Fukuyama
American political scientist, political economist
Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker
Scientist, politician, co-president of the Club of Rome
Oleg Ustenko
Advisor to the President of Ukraine on economic issues
Vladyslav Rashkovan
Alternative Executive Director at the IMF
Natalie Ann Jaresko
Former Minister of Finance of Ukraine
Matt Butren
Yogi Asan Maharishi Professor
Yakov M. Rabkin
Professor emeritus of history, author and public intellectual
Kateryna Rozhkova
First Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine
Yaroslav Hrytsak
Doctor of Historical Sciences, author and public intellectual

Some moments of CEO Club life

Interim results of CEO Club Ukraine fundraising campaign
CEO Club members launched a fundraising campaign and raised more than $10 million for the needs of the army and the civilian population. Specialized club committees were created to raise funds, purchase and distribute the necessary supplies, PR\media support, and cyber defense.
Webinar with Oleg Ustenko
The club hosted an online meeting with Oleg Ustenko, Adviser to the President of Ukraine on economic issues. The expert told what steps Ukraine is taking to increase economic pressure on the aggressor, as well as how sanctions are already affecting the russian economy.
Club meeting with Professor Francis Fukuyama
Iliya Kusa. Lecture at the CEO Club
Ilia Kusa, an analyst and expert on international politics and the Middle East at the Ukrainian Institute of the Future, maed a speech about the global crisis at a recent meeting with CEO Club members. The expert shared current trends affecting the balance of power in the world, listed the catalysts of crises and explained the general logic of geopolitical changes in the world.
10th Anniversary of CEO Сlub Ukraine
In 2021 CEO Сub Ukraine celebrated its 10th birthday.Ten years is a short period of time, but it is enough to build a strong community with reliable connections due to the desire for constant development, creating a better version of yourself and the confidence in the strength of unity. We are thankful to everyone who supported us in building the CEO Club community, shared their experience and created new meanings with us.
Watch video
CEO Club Ukraine at Expo-2020
CEO Club members will represent Ukrainian business at “Ukraine Export Promotion Days” in Dubai.

From 20th to 24th of November, as part of the "Ukraine Export Promotion Days" at the World Expo-2020, the delegation of CEO Club Ukraine members will visit a series of events with representatives of the business community of Ukraine and UAE. Members of the CEO Club together with UAE entrepreneurs and representatives of the Ukrainian government delegation will take part in the business briefing. During the event participants will discuss the opportunities for Ukrainian exports in the context of bilateral trade and economic cooperation.
The book"Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think" is translated and published with the support of CEO Club and Skylum
It is impossible to predict the future, but you can be ready for it. In order to spread quality research in the field of digital technologies and its impact on the future, CEO Club supported the publication of the Ukrainian version of the bestseller Peter Diamantis and Stephen Kotler "Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think". This book is for people related to technologie, someone who aspires to expand the boundaries of their understanding of the world. The translation and publication was realized by the Laboratory publishing house with the support of the CEO Club and Skylum.

Lecture by Igor Kozlovsky
During the recent lecture at the CEO Club, Igor Kozlovsky spoke about the problems of finding the sense of human existence in terms of historical past and present. The notion of spiritual quest for freedom and the difference between life and existence has been revealed to every new scholar by the theologian. The anthropologist, as Igor calls himself, stressed that it is more important for each person to ask the question "For what?", instead of the usual "Why?", to find their way to the true meaning.
The first open golf tournament CEO Club Golf Cup 2021
Panel discussion "Businessman in search of meaning" at the Leopolis Jazz Fest
Graduation of Aspen seminar participants, organized for CEO Club members
Meeting with the Minister of Finance of Ukraine Serhiy Marchenko (off-record)

CEO Club House

According to world club traditions, each club must have its own place of power. It is a valuable space for quality leisure, a place of trust and comfort for the entire CEO Club community. The clubhouse is a platform for development, a meeting place for leading speakers, intellectuals and experts, as well as a co-creation platform.

CEO Club launched Soborna UA a non-profit fund for international support of Ukraine

The mission of the Soborna UA:
Today we are focused on resisting the Russian invasion and providing humanitarian relief to displaced Ukrainians
Tomorrow we are supporting all efforts to repel foreign occupiers from Ukraine’s sovereign land and increasing cost of the illegal occupation
When the war is over, we will be working with all Ukrainians to rebuild the country’s infrastructure, accelerate the growth of the market economy and ensure the dividends of peace pass to all Ukrainians

Some other projects of CEO Club Foundation include

Resistance to Russian invasion

— CEO Club members launching a fundraising campaign and raising more than $10 million for the needs of the army and the civilian population;

— Specialized club committees were created to raise funds, purchase and distribute the necessary supplies, PR\media support, and cyber defense;

— To effectively fight against Russian aggression, Ukrainian forces need powerful vehicles. CEO Club Ukraine and Winner Imports Ukraine want to help Ukrainian defenders to be more mobile and successfully complete tasks.Together we are launching a fundraising campaign for raising money to help Ukrainian defenders receive powerful cars;


An annual program that aims to support children from vulnerable categories. Every year we select 100 teenagers aged 15-17 to participate in our program. Most often these are children from large or low-income families, as well as children from orphanages who are growing up in unfavorable conditions. The program is designed for a year and includes field camps, excursions, weekly meetings, lectures from experts, psychological support groups and corporate mentoring.

Greening of the Planet

This is a large project that includes various environmental and ecological actions. The project aims to consolidate Ukrainian society by bringing together the efforts of business, government, the public and the media to protect our nature and ecology. In 2021 the project managed to gather together 1 313 338 people throughout Ukraine and plant more than 3 million trees in one day. By such actions, the project seeks to form an eco-culture and a respectful attitude of people to nature.

Book publishing support

CEO Club Ukraine supports cultural development in the country through the publishing of Ukrainian adaptations of books on social studies. The club has already contributed to the release of such books as Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think by Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler, The Nordic Secret by Lene Rachel Andersen and Tomas Björkman, How to Lead by David Rubenstein, How to avoid climate disaster by Bill Gates, The sustainable state by Chandran Nair and many others.

Editor’s Club

A joint project with Ukrainska Pravda, the purpose of which is to support Ukrainian independent journalism. The mission of the project is to unite the forces of individual patrons to promote social change through journalistic investigations and materials on socially important topics.

CEO Club President

Serhiy Haydaychuk is the founder and president of the largest Ukrainian business club – CEO Club Ukraine. Serhiy is an expert in building business communities, with more than a dozen successfully launched community-based projects: Young Business Club, Ukrainian Real Estate Club, Ukrainian branch of YPO, Club-100, etc. He is also a member of the National Council of Reforms under the President of Ukraine.

Serhiy Haydaychuk is also an author of the book “The Club. The art of uniting”, in which he describes his experience of creating a successful community in Ukraine.

Board Members

The Board’s remit includes defining strategy, overseeing compliance with the code of ethics, selecting candidates and approving new members.
Serhiy Haidaychuk
Founder and President CEO Club Ukraine
Vyacheslav Lysenko
Founder Ukr-China Communications
Andriy Kozin
Managing Partner Focus Estate Fund
Dmytro Volkonskyi
President Uatech Holding
Oleksandr Kosovan
Founder and CEO MacPaw
Yana Matviychuk
Founder ARENA CS
Yehor Hrebennikov
Managing Co-owner TIS
Serhiy Shkliar
Founding Partner Arzinger

CEO Club Ukraine cooperates with Ukrainian and international non-governmental organizations, independent media and business communities around the world to increase the effect of positive impact

Partner organizations:

Contact information

Butyshev provulok, 23 Kyiv, Ukraine 04050